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Bear Fox

Song: Kaieri Niionkwetake (4_Beings)
From: Akwesasne, NY



Bear Fox and Robby Baier started working together during the filming of Katja Esson’s Documentary “Skdancer”.   Bear Fox was one of the protagonists in the film and Robby went up to the Akwesasne Indian Reservation in Northern NY to record some of Bear’s songs for the film.  After that initial session Bear wanted to record a new album and so Robby went to her house in Akwesasne and the whole record was recorded there.  “Rich Girl” went on to win “Best Debut” at the Native American Music Awards (NAMA) in 2011.  Several years later Bear recorded her follow up album “Diamond” at SubStation Studio.  In 2014 “Diamond” won again at the NAMAs, this time for “Best Singer Songwriter”.   
Bear is a sweet soul who is passionate about native language and customs and is a pillar in her family and community.  Her honesty and purity shine through in her simple folk songs.  We look forward to the next record!!

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