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Song: Like You
From: Northampton, MA


Written by Celia, produced, engineered and arranged by Robby Baier.

Celia and I recorded her album "Break" in 2003. We co-wrote some of the tunes and I arranged, produced and engineered the record.  Darren Todd (Melodrome, Arlo Guthrie, Xavier) played some bass, Matt Sloan Drums and Bruce Knowlton on acoustic. I love the bowed Mandolin sound I played on "Don't Dance".  The whole experience was really fun an inspiring.  Very proud of this one. Here is what Celia said about the experience: 

"I have to say, even quite willingly, that working with you has indeed been one of my life's highlights. Your intensive style of work, your freedom in music as a player and an inventor, your sense of lyrical melody (very beautiful) and your sensitivity to me in studio- All this is very instructive to me, and everyday fun and the whole experience excellent.
Thank you for listening so carefully and making the project your own. I think your vision was right on (track). You have returned my songs to me in a package of which I am really very proud and excited to spread around.
Thank you so much for all the hard work. I am also grateful that I was able to know you better and enjoy your calm spirit, your sensibility, and your loving ways that you put out to others. I think you rock! So put that in your pipe..."

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