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Graham Isaacson

Song: What's The Point
From: Portland ME



Graham Isaacson came to the studio with song fragments and then the two of us finished the songs together. The whole album was recorded in just 9 days, hence the title of the initial release "Nine Days". The record was picked up by Sinister Muse Records and Graham had a great run with it, even garnering compliments from Ray La Montagne. Conor Mehan on drums, John Suters on upright bass, Pete Adams on Pedal Steel. I play Fender Rhodes and Acoustic guitar. In 2015 "What's The Point" and Robby Baier's song "Room in my Chevy" sung by Graham were licensed for the film "Happy Hour".

Years later I went on tour with Graham, backing him up on electric "vibe" guitar for his Guy Davis support. The goofy car shot above is from the tour. Miss ya Graham!


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