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Mamma's Marmalade

Song: You and I
From: Amherst, MA



In late 2015 Mamma's Marmalade came stomping into SubStation and recorded three tracks with us live, including video footage. Quite the gang, they lit up the studio with awesome energy and brought some real mountain music into the station. Lily Sexton (fiddle and vocals) grew up here in the The Berkshires. The vibrant group equates to a string band that plays across genres incorporating bluegrass, funk, blues, and folk into unique covers and original tunes.

"We stand for all that is good, and do not stand for things that are not good."

"One time in the Pioneer Valley we all decided we liked to make the sing songs with twanging and a lot of harmonies. We collected each other together, and started to play shows around the Valley."

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