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Maya Solovey

Song: Linger
From: Brooklyn, NY



Maya Solovey was a 17 year old girl from up the road when she first came to SubStationStudio to record her Debut "Spiritual Fruit", still working under the synonym "Maya Papaya.  A year later, looking to create a more polished, pop sound she returned and asked me to produce and co-write some songs with her. "Dissolving" is the result of that effort. Awards and Mentions for her EP “Dissolving” include:  John Lennon Songwriting Contest, one of three finalists in the Pop category, for her song “I Stand Alone”, Winner of the Pop/Adult Contemporary category in The Great American Song Contest, for her song “Linger”, Billboard Song Contest, Honorable Mentions for “I Stand Alone”, “Dissolving”, and “In Time”.  I still really like these songs and while I appreciate and respect where Maya's musical road is taking her, I secretly wish that she still wanted to make a another pop album with me. She is super talented, playing guitar and piano, speaking Spanish, Portuguese and English. For a while she even spoke with an Australian accent after spending some time down under :-). An eccentric, creative person, Maya does not fit into any mold. She now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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