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Sibylle Baier

Song: Let Us Know
From: Stuttgart, Germany


This song was written by my mother, Sibylle Baier in 2007 for Wim Wender's film "Palermo Shooting". I produced the song and played the supporting instruments and sang back ground vocals. It made it onto the soundtrack CD for the film. Sibylle is fairly well known around the world now due to her incredible record "Colour Green". Kind of a cool story... "Color Green" was recorded in Sibylle's bedroom in Stuttgart, Germany between 1970-1973 and I mixed it in 2004 at SubStation Studio. It was then released on my label "Soultube Records" in an original pressing of just 100 cd's. These were handed out to friends and family at Sibylle's 60th birthday party, held at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket MA. One of these cd's made it into the hands of my friend Cassis who passed it on to Jay Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. He came by the station, we talked a bit about the record and then he kindly offered to pass it on to Orange Twin Records in GA. The rest is history. It has now gone on to sell around 20,000 records and is still going strong. In 2008 Sibylle and I recorded 3 of her new songs, one of which was custom written for Wim Wender's film "Palermo Shooting". You can hear it on the soundtrack cd, plus I posted it on her site.

About the music... In a particularly dark and moody period of her young life, Claudine, a friend of Sibylle's, dragged her out from under the bed and took her on a road trip to Strasbourg, ending up across the Alps in Genoa. Upon the return from this trip Sibylle felt her spirits renewed and she set out to write the song "Remember the Day", grateful for being alive. It was the first song she ever wrote. Her music is simply amazing in it's intimacy and closeness. Recorded in the late 70's in her home on a reel to reel recording device, the songs on "Color Green" are intimate portraits of life's sad and fragile beauty. It is a gem of an album that will blow your mind. Sibylle is a star who chose to shine for her friends and family instead of the whole world. 

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