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The Top

Song: Oh Muriel
From: Brookly and Ghent, NY


The Top consisted of Clemens Knieper, Dan Stern, Josh Hahn and Aaron Green. These four Bard College kids had moved to Brooklyn all together to keep the band going after school. Clemens is the main writer of the band and him and I have known each other ever since he moved in with my mom back when he was 15. When it was time for them to record their record they came by the studo where they fell in love with our Ampex 440B 4 track 1/2 inch recorder. We recorded the entire record on the 4 track, mixing onto another tape deck.  No computer! It was great to make such an analog record. It took 1 month to rehearse and perform the tracks. The guys lived in the studio and pretty much took over the whole place. They even recorded a German song written by Jürgen Knieper, Clemens's dad, and Michael Baier, my dad, called "Kann Sein". This is some of the coolest stuff I ever recorded here. Too bad that the record never came out! It will be one of those records that comes out 20 years later and everyone will go: "Where has that been all my life?". 


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