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Sibylle Baier on Wim Wender's LP "Driven By Music"


SubStation Mix on Wim Wenders Music Compilation LP

Sibylle Baier's song "Wim" has been released on a double compilation LP entitled "Driven By Music" in honor of Wim Wender's 70th birthday.  The song was originally recorded by Robby's mother in Stuttgart in the 70's and was then mixed by Robby at SubStation in 2005 as part of the Soultube Music/Orange Twin release "Colour Green.  It is beautiful how Sibylle's music keeps reaching further and further while at the same time still staying so close to home, celebrating not only Wim's birthday but also celebrating Sibylle's and Wim's wonderful friendship over the years.

Other artists on the LP include U2, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Portishead, Patty Smith and many others.

Click here to purchase the cd and to learn more about the release.

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