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Owner, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer Songwriter
Song: Complacent (by my band Melodrome)


I started making up songs on ukulele and recording myself at the age of 6. That was back in Stuttgart, Germany, in the early 70’s.  My mother, Sibylle Baier (you may have heard her beautiful record “Colour Green”?), was writing and recording her songs in her bedroom down the hall while I started to invent my first songs. I somehow learned from her that writing songs is “a thing one does”, to pour ones heart out into an instrument and then to capture the whole thing on a magical electronic device… I still do it, it turns out, here at Substation Studio, where I record singer/songwriters and bands, as well as write music for Film and TV. I have won some songwriting awards for both my own work as well as for songs I co-wrote with friends/studio clients.  I have released 8 records with various bands,  have composed music for the Oscar nominated doc "Ferrytales", national TV commercials (Coors, Miller) and my band was signed to BMG records in the late 90’s…I have been flown to Shanghai for their Film and TV Festival where “Skydancer”, a film I wrote music for, was nominated for best doc. Sibylle and I recorded a song for the Wim Wenders film “Palermo Shooting”.




Associated Producer, Engineer, Lyricist, DJ, Performer
Song: Real You



Jackson Whalan is a lyricist, producer, DJ, and performer (Brooklyn, NY) bringing a constant strain of music inspired by social consciousness and aimed to transform mind, spirit and beyond.  He is an independent producer and engineer at SubStation and has worked with Robby off and on for over 9 years now.

Whalan has held opened act spots for Slick Rick, Killah Priest (Wu Tang), J Rocc, Borahm Lee (Break Science), Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship), Kalya Scintilla, and Blockhead -- among many others. He appears at a variety of NYC venues and music festivals on the East Coast and has toured across the U.S. (2014/2015) as well as performed at the United Nations on multiple occasions.  His numerous releases have grown to a large catalog of music, releasing as his solo project Jackson Whalan as well as the founding member of his band, Technicolor Lenses. His lyrics and beats are found on many recordings featuring other talented producers and musicians. He has collaborated with established artists such as cellist Dave Eggar, Mr. Lif (mc for Thievery Corporation), Jo Jo Mayer & Nerve, Space Jesus, Esseks, Srikala, Heiss, Eitch, Brandon Lewis, Carmen Estevez, and many more.

As a 12-year-old growing up in the rural Berkshires, MA, Whalan faced a life-changing cross-road when he realized that words and stories, transformed into rapping and performing could turn a personal struggle into a powerful art form. At 24, Jackson is growing strong, building on his artistic experience, excited about his musical future. He is now working on the next music releases for his solo project for 2016, which include a full-length album, the S.N.A.G. Video, and numerous collaborations...


Associated Producer, Bass Player, UNOINO Music Licensing/Supervision


Jesko Stahl splits his time between the hustle and bustle of New York City and the quiet beauty of the Berkshires.
A bass player and band member in multiple bands from his time in Berlin, Germany to his time in the 1990's NYC east village music scene and his music with Robby Baier and Melodrome, Jesko always had one hand on the strings and the other on the gear, recording and producing music.

Jesko has been in front and behind the microphones, on stage and in the studio. Recording indie/rock music as a producer and musician and producing his electronic music. Always looking to expand his knowledge and experience in all things audio, he has worked at the tech shop and tape library at Sterling Sound Mastering and build recording studios for legendary studio designer CHBO.

From 2012 to 2015 Jesko worked as the manager and producer and composer at BLUWI NYC, the US branch of BLUWI, one of the most successful music houses for TV and fIlm in Germany.
In 2016 Jesko Stahl launched UNOINO [you know I know], a audio post production, music supervision and licensing company for brand and film. Jesko Stahl has written and produced songs for Brands like SMART CAR, REEBOK, IKEA, KAYAK, and DOS EQUIS.
He also worked as a Music Supervisor for a web series for "Vanity Fair" and recently did the audio post production for a documentary for "The New Yorker Magazine".

Jesko loves to find/create the right mood/music/sound for your music or film project, drawing from decades of experience in the our magical world of audio.

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