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Robby Baier

Owner, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer Songwriter
Song: Complacent (by my band Melodrome)


I started making up songs on ukulele and recording myself at the age of 6. That was back in Stuttgart, Germany, in the early 70’s.  My mother, Sibylle Baier (you may have heard her beautiful record “Colour Green”?), was writing and recording her songs in her bedroom down the hall while I started to invent my first songs. I somehow learned from her that writing songs is “a thing one does”, to pour ones heart out into an instrument and then to capture the whole thing on a magical electronic device… I still do it, it turns out, here at Substation Studio, where I record singer/songwriters and bands, as well as write music for Film and TV. I have won some songwriting awards for both my own work as well as for songs I co-wrote with friends/studio clients.  I have released 8 records with various bands,  have composed music for the Oscar nominated doc "Ferrytales", national TV commercials (Coors, Miller) and my band was signed to BMG records in the late 90’s…I have been flown to Shanghai for their Film and TV Festival where “Skydancer”, a film I wrote music for, was nominated for best doc. Sibylle and I recorded a song for the Wim Wenders film “Palermo Shooting”.




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